Anna Maria Island Real Estate Information

Anna Maria Island is a rather small island that houses a city of the same name, both of which are found in the southwestern portion of the state of Florida. Anna Maria Key, which is an alternate form of the island's name, is about seven miles in length, actually contains three incorporated communities; Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, and Bradenton Beach. The city of Anna Maria has a population of approximately one thousand eight hundred residents, and is considered a part of both Manatee County and the Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice Metropolitan Statistical Area. Anna Maria is currently governed by Mayor Fran Barford and Commission Chair John Quam, who are responsible for about one square mile of territory. Anna Maria Island is relatively homogeneous in terms of race, a fact perhaps best explained by the somewhat high per capita income in the region.

The non-Native American history of Anna Maria Island began in the year fifteen thirty nine, when Conquistador Hernando De Soto sailed past what is now named Anna Maria on his way to the mainland of the Sunshine State. Permanent American settlement of both the city and the island startd in the year eighteen ninety two, when a pioneer by the name of George Emerson Bean acquired one hundred and sixty acres of land on the island and developed it for habitation. Anna Maria Island is quite important to nature lovers, mostly because a number of rare species make their home on the key, including sea turtles, manatees, and birds. Anna Maria Island is also a very romantic destination, as evidenced by its nickname, the “Wedding Capital of the World”.

Educational opportunities in both the city of Anna Maria and on Anna Maria Island are offered primarily by the Manatee County Public Schools, which include Ida M. Steward Elementary School and the Anna Maria Elementary School. Anna Maria properties and real estate are also just a short drive away from the private schools, colleges, and universities of the urban center of Sarasota. Anna Maria enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, reporting an average temperature in the mid-seventies and offering beautiful white sand beaches during all seasons.